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Stuck in the Netherlands during lockdown?
Here’s what you should know.

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EDE- As the government's newest prevention regulations begin to set in, the city of Ede is also starting to look more and more deserted. This is a trying time for people all over the world, but as someone in a foreign country it can be especially difficult. To bring some order amid the confusion, we’ve created a list with the most important things you should know as a foreigner in Holland right now.

"It's quite a tempestuous period for a lot of people. Let's support each other during this time, I trust we will get through."
René Verhulst
Ede's mayor

Where we are right now

At this moment there are 1.135 confirmed cases of corona-infection and 20 deaths as a result of infection within the Netherlands as a whole. The province of Gelderland encompasses 139 of these cases and there are no reported deaths.There have been reports of a single confirmed case in Ede, but the chances of there being more unconfirmed ones are unclear.

13:58 update: The first corona-related death has been reported in Nunspeet, about 70 kilometres north from Ede. It is said to be someone of the age of 87. No other information on the victim has been provided.

The mayor of Ede, René Verhulst, has responded to the regulations in a video message posted to, saying, ‘It’s quite a tempestuous period for a lot of people. Let’s support each other during this time, I trust we will get through.’

Local help

Aside from governmental and regional guidance, there is also local help available. Students of Ede’s largest university, the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, have started a grocery shopping-service for elderly people.

One ex-student has even put together a Facebook-page in a bid to help people impacted by the crisis. The page, dubbed ‘Coronahulp Ede’, currently boasts more than 2574 members and is already effectively in use. Messages have started to pour in; offers to cook for those affected and requests for birthday cards for kids who’ve had to unfortunately cancel their birthday parties. If you or a loved one are in need of help in the Ede-area, visit the page here

Where (not) to go

Public transport remains accessible but drivers and conductors have been instructed to refuse passage to people falling into one of the vulnerability categories. This includes elderly people, pregnant women and people actively coughing or visibly unwell.
When taking the bus, passengers have to get on through one of the backdoors as to minimize contact with the busdriver.

"Messages have started to pour in; offers to cook for those affected and requests for birthday cards for kids who've had to unforunately cancel their birthday parties."

Non-essential shops like hairdressers and beauty counters have remained open, but this is due largely to the fact that there simply hasn’t been any specific rulings made on whether or not they have to close. Taking into account the recommended one and a half metres of social distance, we can conclude that although it’s not (yet) strictly against government’s ruling to get, for example, a haircut, it is also not in alignment with the recommended preventative measures. 

Parents practicing a so-called ‘vital’, or ‘crucial’ job have been granted a right to childcare. A list of these jobs has been published on the official RIVM-website.

So far the resounding government and healthcare professional advice has been: stay at home as much as you can.


Who to turn to

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (the RIVM) has a well-ordered English version of their website, accessible for anyone seeking the latest information on the current situation. Visit it here

Aside from this, the government will post any changes in regulations onto this website. 

If you or someone near you is showing symptoms of the virus (fever, itchy eyes, dry cough etc.) call the so-called coronahotline at 0800-2117

And make sure to follow Ede Today (for Ede Today’s specialized coronavirus page, visit here) for any updates within the Gelderland-area. During the current corona-crisis we will provide Instagram posts with English captions along with our regular Dutch ones.

Written by editor Lynn van den Brink
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